It’s hard to believe that it’s Midterm already! 6th Class have really impressed us with their determination and kindness so far. Here is what we have been doing this month!

Scientist Katie visited the class to talk about her research in TCD on immunology. We were lucky enough to be able to take some bacteria samples and watch them grow.

A few students from 6th Class were invited to represent the school at Christ Church Cathedral in town for the annual diocesan service. It was great fun and because the children’s represented KOTG so well, they were treated to McDonalds!

The Student Council have been working hard to create fun events for the school. Their latest idea was a Cinema and Pyjama day in the school which everyone loved. Each classroom was showing a different movie.

The class were given a challenge to work on their persuasive writing and language skills. They had to sell “unsellable” homes to 5th Class. They had to come up with very creative ways to convince their customers that cracks in the wall or ghosts in the attic were attractive traits to have in a home! 5th Class visited each “home” and eventually made an offer on their favourite.

6th Class have been learning about ‘Sa Bhaile’ during Gaeilge lessons and made their own MTV Cribs videos for the class to watch. They wrote their own scripts and then got to work around the school.

Finally, we celebrated Harvest and the end of term by playing some fun and messy games! There was bobbing for apples, face in flour and trying to cut chocolate with a knife, fork, gloves, hat and a scarf!


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