September was a great month for 6th Class. We figured out all the new routines, got used to the homework and had lots of fun! Here are some of our highlights.

We finished our mixed media portraits which are proudly displayed outside the classroom.

We started Irish by going over the basics. We have been enjoying using the writing offices to help us write nonsense sentences. Our main focuses at the moment are grammar and spelling.

Our class shop has been open which has meant we have been buying lots of exciting items! Bandanas, Pom Pom Keyrings and stickers are the favourites at the moment.

Maths has been full of creativity, fun and building on skills from 5th Class. So far, we have covered 2D shape, lines and angles and place value. A highlight was the escape room where we battled to unlock the chest first. Well done to Ryan, Darragh and Isaac who won!

Finally, we have been looking at Multiple Intelligences and discovered that we are all “smart” in our own ways. We took a test to discover which intelligences we match. Our results were very interesting.


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